I dreamed of having a dilemma

I dreamed I was having a dilemma on a decision.

I had a dream that I was being offered by a mother to be the husband of her daughter (my high school crush) and it would be like an arranged marriage or a contract per say (her family is quite wealthy because her father is a businessman, they own a building and her mother is a government worker). I dreamed that the engagement will be told to the public 3 days from the day I was offered and it falls on a Friday. I somehow agreed to the deal. Then later, someone called me and another mother (a family friend) offered me his daughter in marriage that will be announced to the public in the same day as the last one (her family is quite wealthy, her father was once a driver and own a school and a private charter mode of transportation, her father unfortunately died though due to an accident along with a very famous individual). But the difference was that the girl (who was a family friend), preemptively announced it to the public before the agreed date because of her excitement. Now all my friends know about the dealings and I felt awkward about it. Then I took a piss on a public restroom and was seen by some folks whom I knew but was not that really close. I was troubled because I somehow felt that I betrayed the first mother because their family now knew that I was now about to be engaged to the daughter rather than their sister (my high school crush). I tried to reason with the first family that I need their counsel also because I was confused with the decision I made with the 2nd mother. I called a good friend for advice. He was a manager on my previous workplace and he knows a lot about financial management and girls (he is a financial adviser too). I told him all about what happened but he was not able to give me a direction because the call was cut strangely. I asked myself what could be the reason why this is happening? Why am I facing a dilemma in making the decision? Could it be that the universe is telling me that the 1st decision with the 1st mother was meant to be not made? And that the universe is now trying to help that I may get out of that agreement by counter-proposing and giving a promise of much greater wealth? Then I woke up.

I am not sure if this is going to happen like it is. Or is it a warning that I will be expecting an offer later that gives me a sort of agreement in the promise of having financial support or sharing. I am doubting that this is related to my current on-going project and business venture www.baratobai.com.

Note: Actually before I woke up. And my call ended with my friend who is a financial adviser, the dream went on but I doubt that it has something to do with the first dream, because it was weird and involved weird monsters who seem to attack our house but was not able to because I managed to get smart at them and neutralized their attack by using intelligence. I had a feeling that I once feared these creatures but now I knew how to defeat them.

I am still wondering what it could really mean though, whether my interpretation is correct. Well, all I can do is move along and see what happens and be attentive on the opportunities and people that will be coming along. If it turns out to be a dilemma, well, let it be – an answer will eventually turn out.


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