The Voice that Tried to Destroy Me

The Dream and the Voice

One time during a stormy night I sleptDarkEntity. I heard thunder and lightning outside. I curled my body into a ball and covered my ears because of the loud thunder that roars. I had this feeling of being scared and afraid. Then suddenly I found myself on a dark place or a void. I could not see anything, not even a hint of light allowed me to see my arms or legs. While I was within this void, I felt as if I was outside of my body. Somehow I know I was looking at my body as if I was another person even though I could not see anything. Then I heard this voice speaking along with the roaring thunder “I WILL DESTROY YOU, I WILL DESTROY YOU”. I trembled in fear upon hearing the voice and found that I could no longer move a muscle. I know that the voice came from someone with immense power and authority that I intuitively sensed that it was of a god. “I WILL DESTROY YOU” he said again – by this time I was feeling hopeless and I could not utter any words for the voice was so intense. The voice spoke as if it was so determined to do what he spoke. I froze in fear and could only wait until the voice will indeed destroy me. He said again “I WILL DESTROY YOU!” – as I heard the voice speak the phrase again, I waited for a moment but then I felt kind of surprised when it already spoke many times but it seems that he is waiting for something – or perhaps he can only speak the words but could not do it. When my chance came I yelled the word “JESUS!”. I only spoke one word but in intent I placed an emotion of asking for help. After I spoke the word, the voice that threatened me stopped and I found that I could move my body again. I did not see anything after saying Jesus, no response, no feeling, only found that the entity and the darkness that surrounded me was no more. I opened my eyes and I found myself on my bed. The lightning and thunder was still going on but I was relieved that I had gotten out of that dark void. I went back to sleep. By morning, I remembered the experience and wondered who it was that spoke to me during that time. I was sure that it came from someone with authority and power but I was unsure if it was indeed God. I asked the question, why would God destroy me? what did I do? If I had not spoken the word “Jesus” would I be endlessly tormented and trapped in that dark void? I told my dad of my experience and my dad told me that the voice I heard came from someone who has always hated man. He told me that it was the voice of Satan.

The realization

Now, after many months from that experience, I could say I had a profound experience that night. I am not sure if it was an OBE (Out of Body Experience) or an NDE (Near-Death Experience). I am only sure that it happened and it happened for a reason. I now realize that whoever that voice came from, it could not destroy me – or to be specific, could not destroy my soul/spirit. He may be able to destroy my body but could not destroy ME. I am convinced that it was indeed a powerful being and it was given authority. I did not see any figure, face, or form that could describe the entity but I know that I was in a place of darkness and fear and judgement. I felt judge that time, but was not told what my crime was – like sentenced to death without any reason. I can only guess why that entity came to me during that night to say those words. My bet is that he told me those phrase because I am someone important or that I have some potential to become something that could oppose him or disrupt his plans. The reason is not yet so clear to me, time will come when it will be made clear why. Right now, I can only do what I have been sent here to do. That is to share and spread what I believe and to do the things that I believe to bring about a new and wonderful world. The new world is about to be shown. Keep the light burning.


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