After 4 Months being Jobless, Here Are My Realizations

Being Out of the Rat Race


English: An artist's depiction of the rat race...

It has been nearly 5 months since I got out of my job – got out of the rat race. However I got out not because I have achieved financial freedom but because I was downsized (according to Robert K’s Cashflow game). But the downsized move was of my own making. Yes, I quit my job at the age of 25. Why? because I was driven to. Driven by the environment, driven by energies, driven by feelings, and driven by the melody of life and destiny.


Quitting one’s job is a very hard thing to do for most people. It is the life blood and reason for them to live so that they can continue on living and feeding their young and family. Most people won’t be satisfied by just sitting around and relaxing – they want action, competition, winning, losing. Standing still is not a popular word these days. Oh well, I could not blame them. If I was in their shoes I could well be saying the same thing. Who am I to judge? Who am I to blame? Who am I to teach what they should do? I have my life and they have theirs, and you have your own. But hear what I have to say, it might be a source of enlightenment or reflection for you.


Here are some of the reflections and realizations I have after 4 months of having no job, wandering, sitting, walking and observing people run their lives (it includes me also).


1. Most people are driven by impulse not purpose.


To be or not to be – that is the question. To be driven by impulse or purpose. Decisions is part of everyone’s lives. Every decision has to have choice, every choice has to have reasons, thus a decision is made based on the choice or option that appeals to the one who makes the choice. For example, a decision to buy the most expensive and popular cellular phone in the world. Examining a person’s rationality the choice is usually driven and influenced by the people, media and advertising – but the purpose is to have a device to stay connected. Trends, peer pressure, marketing, media and advertising, these are the drivers of what human beings consume and use. We are like dogs being taught to sit, stay, or rollover because the master will give us a treat when we do it. The dog does not question why it needs to do as the master says, it only does it because it gets food. In our case, it is much much more complicated. It is hard to think out of the box when you are in it.


2. We make our lives hard and blame others for it.


It is easier to point your finger at someone than having your finger point at you when you are presented with a question on who is to blame. However, ever time you point a finger to another person, 3 fingers are pointing back at you (try it). This is a very interesting fact and it is usually our initial reaction when asked by the question on who is to blame. We do not dare raise our hand and say “I did it, it is my fault” when no one really knows for sure who did it. In fact we have done this quite too often that it has become our natural instinct and habit to do it – and habits are hard to break. “How could I be the one to blame, when I have only done what I had to do?“, “How can it be that it’s my fault, when you are also in it the same place as I am?” – these are some statements we say. Again, who am I to judge? who am I to blame? who am I to teach? I am only sharing what I have reflected and realized. You might say that I am also putting the blame on them and place myself on the pedestal and claim that I was the one who told you – NO! I am in the same situation as you and I am also part of it. We can only blame ourselves of what becomes of us. We have the power to destroy ourselves and make our lives harder – but on one hand also possess the same power to create and correct our lives for the better.


3. Money has become a god rather than a tool.


Face it. You could not think of living your life now without any money. How are you suppose to eat, sleep, and drink without money? You are not in a paradise where you can just pick a fruit, drink from a river and sleep in a beautiful palace! This is reality folks.” Well, that is what a typical human being will say and I do not deny it. It does look that way, no? The love for money is the root of all evil – but it seems that we are growing more and more love on money because we made it so important that if you don’t love it you will not be able to survive in this world. Yes, basing on the current situation it is true – I do not deny it. We say we don’t love money, but the fact is that we do love money. Money makes the world go round, money allows us to buy those flashy cars, dream homes, and attracts those dream partners of ours. With money you can influence and control the law, sway the church, pervert and direct the media, with money you have power. Please do not deny it. You know this is what is happening now. Denial won’t do any good, we have to face the habits, labels, and demons we have created. The answer for me is not to throw your money away, that would be foolish. The answer is to change the attitude towards money.


Our enemy is a wise, elusive, and very guile folks. Our enemy hides in our backs and is not easily caught. Most of us don’t even know that it is it that is controlling or influencing us. The enemy lies beneath the conscious mind, it lies somewhere in the subconscious. It is the one who tells us that there is not enough for everyone, it is the one who tells us that he deserves what he deserves when we know it is not, it is the one who tells us that happiness is not for all. It is part of you and it is you. Do you know what it is? I leave the answer to you.


4. We are not seeing all the available options.


Let me ask you. Where do you base your buying choice? Let me guess… TV? No? Then where? friends? Oh please. 90% or 80% of our buying decision comes from TV, comes from commercials, advertisements, promotions, endorsements. Let me ask you, how many choice of toothpaste does TV show you? 2? 3? 5? Did you know that there are many more other options than that? Of course you do! but you just don’t know it. How could you know when you are not even made aware of it? Look, I am not here to blame the TV corporations of not showing all the available options – if they show all the options they might as well shutdown. Why am I bringing this up? because I realized that sometime ago, I heard that a car was able to run on water. Would it have been nice if it was developed more and mass produced? Then we could have been running clean engines now! I heard great alternative medicines, healing methods for sickness, and I heard that they do work! however, I always see on TV that they do not have approved therapeutic claims. I heard a company that is operating without any boss or managers, would it be nice to adapt and learn more about that system? I heard there are products that can increase a farm’s yield of crops by 50% or even 80% more, however I have not seen or made aware of that on TV? Well, the point I’m trying to make is that there are lots of better options out there than what we see on TV. However seeking those options take a lot of energy and time and plus we need to test its validity and safety. I understand those stuff and we say we “who has time for that? who has time for research?“, but we have to start changing our mindsets folks that ALL the good and trusted products or technologies are those that are found on TV! We need to go out more and explore those newly invented stuffs, or else our world and lives is pretty much heading to a world of slaves, content of just being told what to do and what to consume. Don’t get me wrong, we are doing that – but just not that frequent enough.




These are only 4 of my realizations and might share the others on another time. Look, I am not sharing these to you because I am better than you or that I know more than you. These are my thoughts, my realizations, my reflections. I am a part of you as I am a part of humanity. I am one cell of a multitude of cells in a body. A cell can choose to act accordingly or chose to act defiantly therefore labeling it as a cancer cell. If it is for me to say, I would say the world has a lot of malignant cancer cells. It is foolish for me to deny that there is something wrong with the world – denying leads to inaction and results to status quo. Nature is not to be blamed, the Sun is not to be blamed, the Climate is not to be blamed, but it is only our ignorance, it is only us. We can correct this if we choose to – but we have to make the choice together as one. Not just 10%, 20%, 50% but at least 80% of the 7 billion people in this planet choose to correct their lives for the better. It will not start with school, it will not start with the government – it will start with YOU.

If ever you don’t agree, I do not require you to, and I do not require anyone to agree with me. The words are my own and I respect yours. Words and communication are delicate, it can easily be misinterpreted by anyone on a different level of consciousness or perspective than yours. Take what is beneficial for you and leave those that aren’t. Be at peace.






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