About Me

Hello! My real name is Paul Dela Torre. The title of this blog is an alternative for my name. Paul replaced with Saul and Dela Torre in Spanish means Tower. You may ask, why Saul? I chose that name because Saul was also the other name of Paul the apostle. Tower means a beacon of light. A beacon to guide ships and travelers safely in the night. I believe this is one of my life purpose here on earth. To be a beacon.

I am an enlightened entrepreneur, artist, writer, speaker, and a visionary. Born and raised in Cebu, Philippines. I am now beginning a new chapter of this life in a new more meaningful perspective. I was an employee of a world class company but now is jobless (I chose it to be). I am raising up the entrepreneur side of me and I believe this is what this new life is about.

Aside from becoming into an entrepreneur, I am also becoming more and more enlightened on the spiritual side of life. Mind, Body, and Spirit – the three important aspects of life. I believe to live the life fullest, one has to balance all three.

I am not a writer in profession, but I am a writer. What can hinder me from writing? – Only oneself.

I don’t consider myself attached to any religious group or congregation, but it doesn’t mean I am an atheist. I don’t side with any of the top religions of the world. I have great respect on all of them, but I don’t side of which is true and the better religion. I believe of a higher power and I am aware of the many mysteries of life. I am a believer in reincarnation.

I don’t remember who I was, but  I have a feeling that I was a great personality back then. I think I was a philosopher, writer, actor, leader, beggar, prostitute, chef, magician, wizard, strategist, and a warrior in my previous lives. I don’t think it is necessary to remember all of those lives since it is not the point or necessary that I should recall all of them. This life is a new one and so I should bring about a new aspect for the glory of who created me.

As I live this life, I shall write about my great adventures, lessons, and realizations in this blog.



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