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Dconart Online Magazine – August 2013 now released!

Presenting to you our issue for the month of August! Featuring Cosplay modeling, Cosplay Photography, Cosplay Props Making, Boudoir Photography, Landscape Photography, Portrait Photography, and more! Read the issue on: Advertisements

After 4 Months being Jobless, Here Are My Realizations

Being Out of the Rat Race   It has been nearly 5 months since I got out of my job – got out of the rat race. However I got out not because I have achieved financial freedom but because I was downsized (according to Robert K’s Cashflow game). But the downsized move was of […]

The Voice that Tried to Destroy Me

The Dream and the Voice One time during a stormy night I slept. I heard thunder and lightning outside. I curled my body into a ball and covered my ears because of the loud thunder that roars. I had this feeling of being scared and afraid. Then suddenly I found myself on a dark place […]

December 2012 Issue!

Doomsday or Holiday? Is the title of my just released december 2012 publication! Well, under the name of Dconart. In this issue as usual I featured my fellow artists and entrepreneurs and also I gave this issue a theme about the December 2012 event which some feared and some anticipated with excitement. I am glad […]

Digital Publication

My First Personal Digital Publication

Phew! I finally finished my personal Digital Publication. View it here: Through the help of my friends and their permission for allowing me to have their own talent, services, and work to be featured on my document – this was a success. I plan to do more Digital Publications in the future and hopefully […]

I dreamed of having a dilemma

I dreamed I was having a dilemma on a decision. I had a dream that I was being offered by a mother to be the husband of her daughter (my high school crush) and it would be like an arranged marriage or a contract per say (her family is quite wealthy because her father is […]

Trying to have everyone like me

I have many friends, but not everyone seems to like me. What do I do to make them like me? I think this is a question that most of the not so social people ask. People like me. I am the shy, silent, only talks when asked type of person. I usually don’t open up […]