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Share to Receive

What do you know about sharing? How often do you share? The stranger at our door Today, a young man knocked on our doorstep. The young man was slim, quite tall, and he looked like a beggar since he was dirty with ripped clothes. When I saw him, I assumed he wanted to ask for […]

The 1st question of the Law of Attraction

What do you want? This question might be easy to answer since we have so many wants. But for the law of attraction, a simple answer might not be enough. Because we have so many wants, this can cause some problems in manifesting your wants in this reality or the 3D world if you like […]

Knowing the Law of Attraction

When you hear the word attraction, what idea comes to your mind? If it’s your first time to hear the term “Law of Attraction” then this might be an interesting article for you. To take you directly to what it is — the law of attraction is a universal law like that of the law […]