What do you know about sharing? How often do you share? The stranger at our door Today, a young man knocked on our doorstep. The young man was slim, quite tall, and he looked like a beggar since he was dirty with ripped clothes. When I saw him, I assumed he wanted to ask for […]

What do you want? This question might be easy to answer since we have so many wants. But for the law of attraction, a simple answer might not be enough. Because we have so many wants, this can cause some problems in manifesting your wants in this reality or the 3D world if you like […]

Have you ever experienced the feeling of having the fullest of faiths? Or where you had so much faith that it is impossible for you to doubt yourself of your ability to do things? I have. Gaining the faith and inspiration This happened months prior to my experience of the heavenly bliss that I posted. […]

Have you ever experienced that amazing feeling of being one with everything? I did. Although it was only once and it lasted for about an hour or so, it was one of the most wonderful experience I had. That feeling of great joy, acceptance, and surrender. The catalyst The experience happened when I was still […]

Pride has many forms. Sometimes I don’t even recognize that I am already exhibiting a form of pride until I step back and reflect of the action or thought I did. Pride is not necessarily negative, since it has many forms. I believe there is also a positive form of pride. Wanting to teach people […]

Financial challenges in our lives At times we are encountered with the common challenge in finding money. I am no stranger in this dilemma, as I am facing this thought many times in my life (even now). Living in the world where crisis seems to be rampant in most of the people. We scatter here […]

What is affirmation? Affirmation is a statement asserting the existence or the truth of something. Saying something like “I am handsome, I am strong, I am whole” are some examples of empowering affirmations. The role of affirmation is vital in every human being’s growth to spirituality. When one cannot accept what he/she truly is, there […]